Melissa A. Trainer Communications offers a wide range of content marketing services, including website copy, marketing materials, press releases, recipe development, newsletters, editing, proofing, and brochures.

Missy also often acts as an editorial liaison during the website production phase for many clients. She understands that web creation can be a stressful project for many account executives and often steps in to work with the website developer, writing and editing the content, troubleshooting the layout and hyperlinks, keeping the project on a timeline, and surveying the overall website experience for impact and usability.

Missy also offers fee-based consultations to businesses, associations, and small businesses. The consultations involve in-depth analysis of the business, market trends, marketing gaps, and current content (web/pr/consumer/social media). Written suggestions for moving forward with content and marketing are offered.

Missy also works with public relations firms and marketing agencies in order to help them present clear effective copy and press releases for their clients and the media.

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Alaska King Crab. Photo by Melissa A. Trainer

Alaska King Crab. Photo by Melissa A. Trainer